A Closer Look at Our
Capabilities & Specs

Some people like pretty pictures. Some folks like hypotheticals. You like down and dirty numbers – and we respect that! Eclipse has compiled all of our specs, technologies, features, value-adds and data sheets into one space so you can see exactly what we’re capable of on both a micro and macro scale.

Our 3D Printing & Prototyping Technologies

  • Create pieces up to 5’9” high, 4’9” wide, 3’9” deep with the ability to combine pieces for huge displays using our Massivit 1800- 3D Grand Format Printer
Our 3D Printing Services

Our Photography Space & Studios

Eclipse has four separate studios spanning 15,000 square feet of space, along with 56,000 square feet to accommodate large room sets, inventory management and prop storage.

These Studios Include: 

  • Daylight
  • CYC Wall
  • Interviews
  • eCommerce
Our Photo Services

Graphic Router Features:

  • Laser Cutting (New Service)
  • Spindle Cutting
  • Flat Blade Cutting
  • ADA Raster Certified
  • Creasing Wheel
  • Oversize Sheet Capable

Digital Printer Specs:

  • VuTek GS (2)
  • Hybrid Machines
  • 120” Print Bed
  • LED UV Cure

Epson Photo Proofing 

With multiple calibrated and certified Epson proofing stations up to 48” in size, we run prints at the size you need and in the time frame you need them. With constant color calibration and machine maintenance, we have the leading edge printers to save you time and minimize costs over the duration of your projects.

Our Digital Retouching Services

Dye Sublimation, Fabrics & SEG Graphics

Dye Sublimation usually finds itself a home in industries with “niche” needs, such as trade show booths or point of purchase displays. Eclipse Creative has invested in the latest fabric sublimation technology and the associated equipment to support its production.

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Combined with the color gamut available via dye-sub, our color experience allows us to really make your images sing. We offer these print services for both backlit and non-backlit displays. We also offer finishing services from simple hot knife trimming to full silicone edge graphics.

The Bigger Picture: Saving You Mega Money on Huge Prints

Need it big? We can do it. With a 100” print bed, our grand format dye-sub allows us to run grand format prints that fold into the smallest of shipping containers, saving you money on shipping and meeting the highest standards of quality.

Our Dye Sublimation Machine Profile:

  • Printer Evolution EOS100DS
  • Combined Print/Sublimation
  • 100” Print Bed

Fulfillment, Survey & Installation Services

Not only can we dream it, perfect it and create it all, we can also deliver it and install it. As a 3M Certified Installer, we offer complete project management, location surveying, pre-fab measuring and material optimization. Eclipse is accurate, professional and timely – from beginning to end. 

Learn More About Our Fulfillment & Installation Services

Have additional questions about our technologies, specs and capabilities? Get in touch with Eclipse Creative today.