Eclipse Live

This all-in-one photo and video studio is complete with touch-controlled lighting and fully customizable flooring and backdrops to allow extensive creative freedom.

With so many businesses doubling down on their online content, your products have never needed to stand out more! And we get that!

We have the tools to produce photo & video content to set your brand apart.

Eclipse 360

This system provides unrivaled quality in both stills and 360° video, achieving the perfect look every time and showing your product from every possible angle.

Create a constant stream of multi-channel content. Let the Eclipse team + our new technology help you deliver fresh imagery to tell your brand’s story from beautiful ecomm images to elevated editorial looks and everything in between.

Eclipse Horizontal

Introducing our latest tool for shooting flats. It features a touch-controlled camera and lights, allowing for effortless creative license. And with an automated background removal process, your images can reach your marketing channels with even greater speed and flexibility.

Perfect product shots at the tap of a finger. It’s time to elevate your flat lay photography.


Our Evolution: From Humble Beginnings, to Industry Dominance

How does a small photography studio become a powerhouse over the course of 25 years? In short, our clients asked for it. We were very early adopters of digital photography in our studios, and quickly realized that the emerging technologies were going to accelerate the industry timelines as a whole. So we went for it.

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Eclipse has evolved over the years. And, to best serve our clients, we have continually reinvested in the latest Photography technology. Photography is an art form, and one we love to show off.

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