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From our original specialty of fashion photography to our modern-day advancements in grand format 3D printing, large format printing, digital retouching and more, Eclipse is singularly focused on top-quality, expedient work using the latest technology for our clients. The best part? You get everything from one team, inside one company, on one campus. Discover how we can ignite your brand in every dimension!

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Need someone to bring your ideas to life?  Our design team can get your files ready to print for optimum performance or create a masterpiece from scratch.  All good projects start with great design and we have got you covered.

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Our photography team leverages four unique studios, each designed to handle whatever style our clients need on any given shoot. Want top-tier product photos? A dynamic retail fashion shoot?  What about a serene space to capture an engaging interview? We’ve got it all.

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We offer top-notch shooting, editing and production services. Our team can turn any concept into an impactful video sure to impress!

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Digital Retouching & Compositing

The perfect picture can make a pretty big splash. In addition to our photography capabilities, we also offer a variety of digital retouching and compositing services, including color management, color proofing, digital pre-press and more. Whether you want to simply replace an item within an image or create an an image beyond what can be done in-camera, our retouching specialists will make your image shine.

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3D Printing & Prototyping

If Eclipse is all about making the impossible possible, then the new vistas represented by 3D printing are perfect for us. Through our grand format 3D printing services we can produce prototypes, expedite mass production, create retail displays and signage both large and small.

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ADA & Wayfinding Signage

Why not use ADA signage functionally AND as a way to add branding and design throughout your space? We’ve streamlined and perfected our printing process, focusing on quality and efficiency. And from custom ink colors to countless material options, we have the means to make your both your wayfinding and ADA signage unique to your brand.

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Tradeshow & Event Signage

Tradeshows and special events demand a bold, large image to stand out in the visually crowded exhibit area. Eclipse has the grand format printing resources and custom graphics expertise you need, plus the deadline-driven people you can trust for your next project!

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P.O.P. Signage

We get it. Point of purchase retail graphics need to stand out. They need to be memorable. They need to be easy to ship and to assemble. Most importantly, they need to make your product POP!

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Environmental Graphics

The Eclipse printing services team is made up of deadline-driven, creative-minded individuals ready to transform your idea from concept to tangible finished product. We’ve got the technology and know-how to handle all of your digital printing, custom graphics, and vinyl cutting needs. 

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